Aggreko provides temporary power and load test for SBM Offshore

SBM Offshore is a leader in floating production and mooring systems, production operations as well as terminals and services. In 2013, SBM Offshore had a project in Guangdong Province Longxue Island CSIC Chengxi Shipyard, the largest FPSO transformation project in the world. Aggreko has provided SBM Offshore with hypertensional load test, 37.5MVA/11KV/60HZ load box, transformer, high and low voltage cable, 1MW assistant power generating unit, distribution box, tank, etc. During the commissioning of FPSO main generating unit, Aggreko has provided with the customer the plan of cooling water. Rental equipment provided includes water chiller, heat exchanger, pumps, buffer tank, water pipes, 2MW assistant power generating unit, cables, switchboard, tank, etc. Besides, Aggreko has also provided FPSO test for emergency generating unit load, UPS loat test, FPSO temporary air-conditioning cooling service in distribution room for the customer. During two months of voyage at sea to Brazil, Aggreko has provided SBM Offshore with a plan of 2MW temporary power. Besides, during this voyage, special engineers of Aggreko has performed maintenance on the generating unit to ensure 24-hour operation. Upon FPSO has arrived in Brazil, Aggreko Brazil Branch has additionally provided the customer with a plan of 1MW temporary power and corresponding equipment maintenance.

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